Now play Need For Speed The Run on your  android device. 
Update Aug 1 2019Added Desert Track, 6 new missions, time of the day can be changed from weather menu.


Beat Your Friends

Compare your times against those that matter most. Compete to be the best. Autolog now tracks your entire career – making every second of every race count in the battle to be the fastest to New York.

From the Golden Gate to the Empire State

Compete in The Run, an illicit race across the most iconic and treacherous roads from San Francisco to New York. There are no rules and no allies in the cities, deserts, mountains and canyons than stand between you and the fi…


Racing Powered by Frostbite 2

The powerful new Frostbite 2 engine, created by the award-winning DICE studio, advances technical achievements to deliver a gameplay experience with an unprecedented level of visual detail, environmental immersion, and emotio…


Compete in High Octane Multi-Player Racing

The most accessible online racing experience ever offered. With matchmaking technology, join races already in progress instead of waiting in lobbies. Create a party with friends, pick a playlist of your favorite challenges an…


You are Jack’s Competitive Edge

Jack is in a race for his life, but he’s got something the competition doesn’t: You. Keep Jack one step ahead of the dangers from his dark past, both inside and outside the car. It’s up to you to get Jack to New York in one p…

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Aleksandra Hartmann

Vielen Dank! thx thx game nfs best game on mobile


You’re welcome Aleksandra 🙂 Enjoy the game.

Anja Huber

thx for the game. Works perfect on my samsung..

Markus Jensen

NFS RUN on android is fast love u.. my phone get little hot when i play!!!

Michael Strebensen

Don’t run many apps in background.. only play game as it is high graphics


Thank you so much for this game. NFS RUN is best racing game for mobile.. thx again

Hun Tsu

When I play the game I never come 1st in race 🙁 how to play good??

Tina Müller

GTA on android avilable?? this is good game but i want to play gta 4

Wüsstest DuWohlGerne

Really good graphics. thx for uploading this game.


My bro now don’t give me mobile. Playing nfs run all day.. phone battery goes down :/